Monday, September 12, 2011

Preschool Activities

Teaching and entertaining a preschooler at home can be fun and inexpensive. All you need is some imagination! Recently, I received a nice prize pack from BlogSpark. Inside were some large sheets of paper that were used for packing. I took one, straightened it out, and had Titus lay on it. I traced around him with a pencil. When he got up, I traced over the pencil with a black Sharpie and drew the lines where his shirt, socks, and shorts ended. Then I let him color and decorate it any way he wanted. He decided to make himself as a member of the Wiggles. When he was done, I cut out the paper Titus and we taped it to the wall.  It was cheap to do and he was thrilled with his paper Titus. It kept him busy for close to 30 minutes with no mess. It helped with skills such as observation, colors, body parts, and drawing.


  1. I hope you receive this comment, I can't connect to your Blogger email! You won the Halloween giveaway at Megan Merchant's blog, go to my page and email me your address so I may send you your Susie Tallman DVD.
    Thank you for the comment, here's what you said "How about an activity? I took orange felt and cut out a pumpkin shape. Then I cut out different eyes, noses, mouths, and leaves. My son loves making his own pumpkin. It keeps him busy and is good for his imagination."

  2. That is awesome! Today I had hubs turn an amazon box into a toy for Little Bit. Hubs duct taped the box back together and cut out a small hole in the top. Then I gave Little BIt the box and some pom poms. He happily shoved the pom poms in the sealed box for about 30 minutes. Record amount of time for my little guy to do anything! Plus all of the pom poms were in one spot. It was good on good!

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