Monday, August 24, 2015

Arts and Crafts Liquid Chalk Markers & 24 Chalkboard-Style Stickers! - 8 Vibrant Colors

These are great! The colors are beautiful and bright. They really stand out. You get 8 different colors. It also comes with 24 chalkboard like stickers. This is great for parties, organizing, or decorating. Make sure to read the side of the marker the first time you use them. It explains how to activate the markers. You hold down the point for a couple of seconds. Place the lid on and shake. Then you press the tip down on a paper or paper towel, until you see the color fill up the tip. After that they are ready to go! Store horizontally. The chalk wiped off easily using a damp cloth. It also washes off of skin with no problem and I was able to easily rinse it from the cloth that I used to wipe off the chalkboard.

These would make a good gift for a child, someone that loves to organize, or for someone who loves to craft. There are so many possibly ways to use these! The company offers a 100% back guarantee so you can buy these with confidence!

Note: I received these at a discount in exchange for my fair, honest, and unbiased opinion. It had no bearing on my review. I tested these and formed my own opinions.

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