Saturday, August 22, 2015

Packing Cubes 4pcs Value Set for Travel - Plus 6pcs Luggage Organizers Zip Bags

These are just what I was looking for! We like to take weekend trips. We want to be able to share a suitcase to make going in and out of a motel, simpler and packing the car easier. These are great. The 2 larger bags will easily hold 2 adult outfits each. I tested to see and I can fit 6 pair of my jeans into one and still zip it with no problem and with some room still left in the bag. I will disclose that I'm under 5 feet so my jeans aren't very long, as you can imagine! The smaller cubes can easily hold a couple of kid's outfits each. I tested using adult t-shirts. I was able to put 9 folded t-shirts into one and still zip it easily.

The included ziplocking bags are great for socks, underwear, shoes, or what ever else you want to organize in your suitcase. I would recommend wiping them off with a damp cloth if they ever need to be cleaned or washing, cold, gentle cycle then hanging up to dry. I found the cases to be well made with no hanging threads, raw seams, or anything loose.

This would make a great gift for someone who loves to travel! You could even just use the bags for organizing or packing away rarely worn items. I am so pleased to have found these!

Note: I was offered these at a discount in exchange for my fair, honest, and unbiased opinion. It had no bearing on my review. I tested these thoroughly and formed my own opinions.

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